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Peoples of the ‘Whoniverse’, please attend carefully…

… the message which follows may be of interest to you all. (It’s certainly been a long time coming, for which we apologise, but there has been a great deal of preparation going on).

Events within the worlds of Doctor Who over the last few years have led some of us from the early dawn of fandom (i.e. the 1970s) – to feel more sympathy than ever with the First (Hartnell) Doctor – trapped in his ‘time eddy’ in “The Three Doctors”. That is to say – we are aghast and appalled at the increase in abusive, aggressive and exploitative behaviour. For some time it’s been clear that, in the parallel evolution of social media generally, our favourite TV show itself, and its fandom specifically, some traditional values have REALLY suffered – notably calm, common sense, empathy, reason, tolerance and ’spiritual’ (as opposed to material) value.

Having ‘retired’ from active fandom many years ago, hitherto we have been unable to influence the situation directly. Well (to coin a phrase) – No more!

We’re on our way back! And (we suspect) not a moment too soon!

We are on the brink of launching this new website, which we hope and intend to make an essential port of call for anyone interested in authoritative and empirically researched information about Doctor Who – rather than the gossip, rumour and (frankly) arrogant surmise with which the internet has become infested.

Why is it taking so long? Well, because we have also reached the conclusion that most (but not all) modern fan events have lost the ‘spirit’ of the originals, whether due to sheer commercial aggression or simple lack of ability and experience. So (as you may have guessed from the website’s name), with a view to reinstating traditional quality, style and values, we plan also to bring back one or more (depending on whether there is still an audience for them) events under the banner of PANOPTICON – which was, and is, the ORIGINAL (i.e. very first) not-for-profit, volunteer-run Doctor Who convention, the origins of which date back as far as 1977.

We have been negotiating with numerous venues for many months, and have a ‘crunch’ meeting with the preferred candidate this coming Monday (14th January, 2019). If all goes to plan, we should shortly be able to announce a traditional (weekend) PanoptiCon for the Autumn (Fall) of this year. In the words of a (sadly departed) former producer of the show – who was a great friend to, and supporter of, our earlier events – Stay Tuned!

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