In accordance with modern practice, we no longer mail out tickets to you after you register. Instead you must bring with you to the event your booking confirmation (with a clear image of the scanning portion) in order to pick up a Welcome Pack – which will include your Event ID. You must wear that Event ID on your person and ensure it is clearly visible at all times during the event. A member of our Event Staff will check each time you approach an Event Activity Area*, and may do so at other times. Individuals without ID will not be allowed access. If your Event ID is not clearly visible, a member of Event Staff may challenge you – requiring you to ensure that the ID can be seen well enough for checking.

*Event Activity Area means any area in which event activity takes place other than the areas of the venue open to the general public.

Please take great care of your Event ID because, due to increasing problems with ID and ticket fraud, we will NOT issue a replacement if it goes missing (other than in exceptional circumstances and at our absolute and unfettered discretion). Be aware also that your Event ID remains our property. You must show it, or give it up, on demand from any Event Staff member.

In line with other major musical, sporting and theatrical events, if you find yourself unable to attend we do not issue a refund in the ordinary course; neither do we allow deferral of attendance from one event to another as of right. We may (once again in our absolute and unfettered discretion, and subject to an administration fee) make an exception in special cases of serious hardship (for example – bereavement concerning a partner or close family member, or incapacity due to illness).