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PANOPTICON LITE is something new from us – a much more intimate, one-day event (catering for 100 attendees only) which we intend to run once in each of the three calendar quarters of the year other than the Autumn (‘Fall’), within which our weekend PANOPTICON itself takes place.

Each of these new offerings will be designed to provide –

  • a ‘taster’ for those unfamiliar with our PANOPTICON panel content
  • a means for us to present some really focused, special programming and
  • an opportunity for us to connect with you more personally to discuss what you would like to do and see – and how you would like to do and see it – at our future events.

The much smaller audience at/for these events means that we can hold the primary presentations in just one part of our venue’s conference area – The Arora Theatre (pictured below) – albeit there is likely to be an opportunity for anyone interested to ‘check out’ the other facilities which we will be using for the annual ‘main event’ (starting up again with PANOPTICON “42” on 4-6 September 2020).

Of course, the other benefit of holding such a small event is that it makes everything so much more manageable – as a consequence of which there is much more scope for direct contact and socialising with our Guests (NB Given that these events are not a ‘full-blown’ convention in the same way as PANOPTICON, there will be no formal autograph and photo sessions. But as a ‘quid pro quo’ – and unlike at PANOPTICON itself – there is far less of an issue as regards asking one or more Guests casually for a signature or a ‘selfie’ PROVIDED THAT –

  • requests are kept polite and reasonable,
  • the relevant Guest is happy and willing to oblige, and
  • the situation does not start to get ‘out of hand’ (from our perspective)

We very much hope you will join us for one of these events.

The Venue: The Sofitel London, Heathrow – Arora Theatre.

The Arora Theatre

The Arora Theatre


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