With your paid admission, you will receive a number of autograph credits, which can be used in lieu of payment at the timetabled autograph sessions (one per signature) as follows –

One Day Entry (Individual) – [4] credits

One Day Entry (Package 1 or 2) – [2] credits per person

Two Day Entry (Individual) – [8] credits

Two Day Entry (Package 1 or 2) – [4] credits per person

Three Day Entry (Individual) – [12] credits

Three Day Entry (Package 1 or 2) – [6] credits per person

With all autographs, our Guests have the right to refuse to sign items featuring them which have been produced without their permission. So, if you intend to purchase items for signature before the session, we advise you to confirm with the seller that those items carry the necessary consent.

That said, and subject to the consent of any given guest, you can use multiple credits to obtain more than one signature from that guest. But NB You can not ‘save’ your credits for use at another event; neither can you transfer your autograph credits to another person. If you try to do either, your remaining credits will be forfeit.

After you have used all your credits, or as an alternative, you can purchase further signatures at the signing session on payment of additional fees (as advertised at the session).

Due principally to time constraints, NO photography (whether ‘selfie’ photographs or otherwise) is permitted at signing sessions. Photographs with the guests can be purchased from our adjoining Photo Studio at the times advertised in the event timetable.