People are complicated – really complicated! You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly complicated they are. I mean, you may think that a heuristically programmed algorithmic computer is highly sophisticated, but that’s just peanuts to a Person!

And because PANOPTICON is from “The Old Time”, when good, old-fashioned manners were very much the order of the day – common courtesy has required us always to frame our behaviour to avoid antagonising, intimidating or offending others; conversely, we have also expected our attendees not to take offence at the merest perceived slight. The concept is known as “Give and Take”.

Unfortunately, social behaviour in the modern world has changed to become what might be described as ‘rather less public-spirited’.

So we are taking this opportunity to remind you that this is a friendly event, intended to provide all our attendees with entertainment, fun and a safe place to have a good time. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of their differences. In short – play nicely, people! (After all, it’s no more than the good Doctor would expect!)

Should you experience anything which puts that aim in jeopardy, or which breaches our rules below, please report it immediately, either by –

  1. speaking direct to the nearest available member of Event Staff, or
  2. visiting the Event Information Desk. If that Desk is closed, please use the venue’s equivalent facility.

We have formulated carefully the following guidelines with which all attendees (without exception) must comply for the benefit of everyone. It is a condition precedent of your continued attendance at the Event that you do so.

Without limitation, the following are wholly inappropriate –

  • any illegal activity,
  • harassment* of any kind
  • any act which might risk harm to any person or property
  • behaviour which affects, or is likely to affect, adversely the event, or anyone’s enjoyment of it,
  • requesting from any Guest an autograph or photograph outside the event’s formal arrangements for them,
  • possession of any item which is, or appears to be, a weapon (without limitation, a gun of any kind, or a knife, sword etc.). Cosplayers must therefore omit any such element from their costume, and
  • equally, the use (whether feigned or actual) of any other item as a weapon.

*Harassment is behaviour deemed by the Event Organiser likely to alarm, annoy, discomfort, threaten or harm another person or persons. Without limitation, this includes any intimidating behaviour, unwanted physical contact, and verbal comment. Remember, if you have engaged with someone and they ask you to leave them alone (or vice versa), we require you (and them) to respect that request. If, after so doing, you (or they) are left with some grievance, you may report it to the closest member of Event Staff or to the Event Information Desk for resolution.

We require all convention attendees to abide also by the following specific requirements –

  • In all Event Activity Areas, mobile (cell) telephones and other electronic devices must be either turned off, or set to silent mode
  • Attendees must remain quiet during panels and presentations, unless invited by a Guest or member of Event Staff to make a contribution to the proceedings
  • Parents with children (under-thirteens) who persistently misbehave, cry or make disruptive noise during Event Activities must leave the area to calm and comfort them
  • Attendees wearing hats or other obstructive costume elements must remove them in Event Activity Areas if necessary to avoid blocking the view of other attendees
  • When Event Activity Areas are in session, for access and egress attendees must open and close the doors quietly
  • Attendees must restrict noise (including, without limitation, conversation and any audio/video devices) to a low level so as not to disturb the proceedings inside the Event Activity Areas
  • Attendees must respect their peers by not disrupting or intruding in their private conversations, video/photography sessions, podcast/recording sessions, or other activities.
  • Attendees must not monopolise the time of any Guest, whether in an autograph line or elsewhere. Further, they must exercise discretion when approaching a Guest in a social setting (e.g. any bars or restaurants at the venue), so as not to intrude upon the Guest’s personal time.