Cos-players Beware! In line with our support for Comic Relief, The Phantom Flan-flinger and his side-kick, Flanderella, will be in attendance at our events. By registering for them, you consent to submit to their ‘tender ministrations’ (i.e. a bucket of water or custard pie in the puss!) Participation in this element of the proceedings is compulsory unless you purchase from us an immunity badge (for the princely sum of £20 – all proceeds from these sales go to Comic Relief). NB The fee covers also entry into our Cos-play competition, for details of which please see the Event Activities section.

Please note – this event is family-friendly and some attendees are likely very young. Please keep this in mind, together with the reasonable sensibilities of their parents, when choosing costumes. Common sense and good taste are the order of the day. We reserve the right to deem a costume or other apparel unacceptable and to require the wearer to make modifications as we see fit.

As regards large/over-sized costumes – especially the REALLY large and elaborate ones – we don’t wish to discourage anyone from wearing them but, if you are planning to bring one, please (again) use common sense to avoid blocking people and disrupting traffic flow in any given area. This is imperative, especially when the hallways are very busy.

Large mobile props can also create problems, especially in the hallways during breaks between panels. So, if you wish to bring any such prop with you, please note that you must obtain specific permission from us (via the Contact section of this website) prior to the event. If you fail to do so, we are unlikely to permit you to bring the item into the convention area.

Additional special provisions apply in the case of DALEKS, CYBERMEN and K9. Because of the IP position (ownership by the BBC and the estate of the writer(s) who created them), any and all operation/performance requires the prior consent of all of those relevant parties. Having had complaints after previous events at which this requirement was not met, we will not allow such operation/performance unless we receive, in advance and in writing, a copy of those consents.