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When will tickets for PANOPTICON 42 go on sale?

We have a couple more contractual issues to sort (which impact on pricing), but thereafter they will go on sale – hopefully around the end of August (2019).

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What is included in the general Admission Price?

The general Admission Fee includes entry to the event space, to the main Q&A panel(s), and to the Autograph and Dealers’ Areas. (As regards autographs, a number are included within the price. The actual number, and the process how to purchase extras, differs from event to event. Please see the specific pages relating to each event for more information). That Fee does NOT include the professional Photo Studio and ‘special’ activities, including celebrity dining options, ‘Meet & Greets’, and others such as “The Celestial Tearoom”, all of which require additional payment.

Why are you not publishing your entire guest list?

Principally because we don’t want you to predicate your enjoyment on the attendance of any particular guest. We want you to enjoy the whole event as and for itself. This approach lessens any feelings of disappointment if any given guest has to back out from appearing for any reason. It also means we can hold back a few ‘surprises’ to reveal ‘on the day’. As many of you will know already, we have a very strong reputation for securing ‘major’ Talent in large numbers. We are confident you will not be disappointed..

Will my badge be mailed to me?

Your badge will NOT be mailed to you. Your ticket/entry ID will be emailed to you via our ticket booking service. Please bring it to the event and present it to the event check-in desk. You will then receive your event brochure and any other relevant documents.

Can I pick up tickets for my friends and family members?

Yes, just bring an order confirmation for all the tickets you plan to pick up (multiple tickets may be included in a single order confirmation if purchased together).

Is it possible to change or cancel my ticket to your event?

You may indeed cancel your ticket but PLEASE NOTE – in most circumstances ALL tickets are non-refundable and not transferable to others. Neither can they be deferred/applied towards future events.  That said, we are prepared to consider (in our absolute discretion) making changes in exceptional circumstances. If you wish us to do so before any given event, please contact us via our enquiry form. If the event has already begun, please contact the registration desk.

When and how are autographs sold?

The arrangements differ from event to event. Please refer to the specific web page for the event in question. That said, we tend to offer the following options –

  • At some events a certain number of autographs are included in the ticket price and/or they can be purchased from this website in advance; in each case a token will be issued for redemption at the event.
  • Alternatively, at most events, autographs can be purchased ‘ad hoc’ in person at each guest’s table. Please be aware that in these cases payment in cash may be required.

In all cases where individual prices are quoted, these are set by agreement with each guest (and/or their agent) for each event. Please note also that autographs CANNOT be guaranteed. In cases of exceptional demand which (from our perspective) risks disruption of the event, we may ‘cut off’ any line in the autograph queue to prevent it.

What is a photo session and can I take a selfie?

Again, the arrangements will differ from event to event, so please consult the relevant web page. That said, our formal Photo Sessions involve one or more attendees paying (either in advance – if the option is offered – or on the day) for our professional photographer to take one or more portrait ‘shots’ of them with one or more of our guests. As with autographs, prices are set by agreement with each guest (and/or their agent).

Usually the photographer is equipped with the means to print out an image for you (usually an 8″ x 10″ print) later the same day. Ordinarily you will have the option to purchase additional prints or digital downloads from the Photo Session provider.

Some guests offer selfies, either for purchase or for free (at their own individual discretion). The policy and price is set by each guest (and/or their agent). But selfies are NOT permitted (in fact STRICTLY PROHIBITED) in the autograph lines, because of the inevitable delay and queue disruption they cause.

Can I get into the Dealers' Area without a convention badge?

Yes. This space is situated on the ground floor of the venue in an entirely separate area, Anyone can visit the Dealer’s Area, but no-one will be allowed entry to the rest of the event without the relevant Entry ID.

Do you allow cosplay?

Broadly speaking, Yes – But please read our guidelines and restrictions here.

If you have any questions we have not touched on here, please use our convenient CONTACT FORM and we will get back to your in a timely manor.