Do you have questions about our events? We hope we can answer some of them here.  Just click on the + symbol for the answer(s). If you can’t find the one you need, do please contact us via our form.

When will tickets for PANOPTICON 42 go on sale?

We have a couple more contractual issues to sort (which impact on pricing), but thereafter they will go on sale – hopefully in the next few weeks.

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What is included in the general Admission Price?

The general Admission Fee includes entry to the event space, to the main Q&A panel(s), and to the Autograph and Dealers’ Areas. (As regards autographs, a number are included within the price. The actual number, and the process how to purchase extras, differs from event to event. Please see the specific pages relating to each event for more information). That Fee does NOT include the professional Photo Studio and other ‘special’ activities, such as celebrity dining options, ‘Meet & Greets’, and others, such as “The Celestial Tearoom”, all of which require additional payment(s).

Why are you not listing your guest list?

Because we have a very strong reputation of getting top guests to our events. You already know there will be a huge guest list, just like in the past.  We’re sure one of your favourites will be in attendance.  This also cuts down on the disappointment of seeing someone on our list you really want to see and they have to back out at the last minute due to professional commitments.

Will my badge be mailed to me?

Your badge will NOT be mailed to you. Your ticket will be emailed to you via or ticketing service; please bring it to the event and present it to the event check-in desk. This is where you will receive your badge and convention packet.

Can I pick up tickets for my friends and family members?

Yes, just bring an order confirmation for all the tickets you plan to pick up (multiple tickets may be included in a single order confirmation if purchased together). No ID required.

Is it possible to change or cancel my ticket to your event?

All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tickets cannot be applied towards future PANOPTICON events.  If you would like to upgrade from a one day ticket to a two day ticket, please contact us via our enquiry form so we can discuss this process further with you.

When and how are autographs sold?

Generally, Autographs are purchased in person at each guest’s table. Autographs are cash only, with prices set by each guest’s agent for the weekend of our convention.

A selection of 8″ x 10″ photographs will be provided for purchase if you need one.  Alternatively, you may bring an object for the guest to sign at their discretion.

Prices charged are per signature and range between £20 – £90 pounds.

For a limited number of high-demand actors, lines may be cut off based on how many people the actor can sign for in a single day, and their autographs may be sold in advance of the event and a pre-purchased ticket and will be required to enter the autograph line.

What is a photo session and can I take a selfie?

Photo sessions are professionally taken photos of you and our guest or guests, and include an 8″ x 10″ print out of your photo. You can purchase additional print outs or digital downloads from our photo session provider.

Photo sessions are taken at scheduled times during the course of the day and are subject to change without notice.

Some guests offer selfies for purchase at their tables or don’t mind letting you get one for free (this depends on the individual guest). The policy and price is set by each guest and/or their agent. Basically it’s up to them if they will allow it or not.

Can I get into the dealers room without convention badge?

Yes. Being that it is in a separate area from the convention, anyone can enter, but you will not be allowed to enter the convention itself without a badge.

Do you allow cosplay?

Yes, but we do have rules on what you can wear and use as a costume. Please read our guidelines here.