• Exclusive Audience of 100 Persons Only

  • Get Up Close and Personal with the Guests

  • NO Add-On Fees!

  • Additional BONUS GIFT!


In line with the traditional event model we intend to revive, Panopticon LITE will be an all-inclusive, ONE PRICE event – your entry ticket gives you access to EVERYTHING on offer during the day – and with our smallest, most exclusive audience yet.

Just 100 people will have the opportunity to view rare, sometimes unique, footage on the big screen, and to participate in an intimate chat/interview with our guests.

The limited audience enables us to heighten the social aspect of the event at its conclusion – attendees will have the opportunity to join the guests in a social meet-and-greet at which they will be able to take selfies and get the odd autograph or two (within reason!) – all FREE OF CHARGE.

As an inaugural treat we are including exclusively for this event (and ALSO FREE) a Big Finish audio CD adventure featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.

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