All IPR (“intellectual property rights”) in everything which takes place in the Event Activity Areas vest in (and so belong to) us, the Event Organisers (other than any elements, the IPR in which are owned by the BBC or any other third party). As owners of those IPR, we will permit you to record images and sound from the Event Activity, BUT FOR YOUR PRIVATE CONSUMPTION ONLY. Any and all social media publication and/or other use is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless, of course, you obtain our written permission in advance of publication.  We will enforce this policy rigorously, using all legal enforcement options available to prevent unauthorised dissemination on social media and/or any other exploitation.

That said, the permission granted above for photography and audio/video recording is conditional upon the following –

  • You must obtain permission also from those involved in the activity and
  • You must neither interrupt Event Activities nor disrupt the flow of foot traffic in any area.

Should any convention Guest or member of Event Staff ask you to stop any such activity, you must comply immediately.

Breach of the guidelines and rules above may result in consequences including (without limitation) –

  • restricted access to Event Activities,
  • expulsion from the Event without refund,
  • a permanent ban from some, or all, of our future events, and/or
  • reference to the appropriate authorities.