Program Ads
Interested in advertising in our program booklet this year? We will be selling a limited number of ads, which will be distributed to every person who attends the convention. Ads must be genre-specific: science fiction, fantasy & horror literature, media or comics, as well as conventions and events, fan clubs, or items of suitable interest to our attendees.

Ad Sizes

The specifications are as follows:
• Ad Space: we offer 4 sizes. Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page and One Eighth Page.
• Camera-ready art is a must! It has to be the exact size we request on our layout. Black and white art only, in PDF, JPG, PNG or TIF format (no Microsoft Word files!)
• Rates are as follows:
    £200 GPB for a full page (12.7cm x 19.5cm - 5” x 7.5”) advert.
    £150 GBP for a half page (12.7cm x 8.9cm - 5” x 3.5”) advert.
    £75 GBP for a quarter page (5.8cm x 10.16 - 2.5” x 4”) advert.
    £50 GBP for an eighth page (6.35cm x 5.08cm - 2.5” x 2”) advert.

The theme of your advertisement needs to fall within our acceptable range of advertisers: Doctor Who, science fiction/fantasy or genre merchandise; fan events and/or conventions, podcasts, YouTube Channels and websites.

Please contact us below to reserve a space in our Program Book for Autumn, 2019.
We will review your ad and notify you if we have accepted to add it into our program book.

Maximum upload size: 516MB
Thank you for submitting your proof ad. We will contact you if we feel the ad is a good fit with our event. We reserve the right to choose which ads will be added to our booklet. Please do not submit any rude, defamatory or racist ads, as they will not be accepted. Once we decide yes, you will be sent an invoice via email. Please pay this invoice by the date specified on it or your ad will not be included in our program book this year.

When you're ready, send us your ad.